Work performed

North Caspian region (Atyrau). Supplying of aggregate (sand and gravel mix) for the construction of high and reinforced concrete ways.

Installation of a mobile batching unit with a capacity of 50 m3 / hour for the construction of the Agip KCO gas processing plant (Atyrau region).

Installation of a automated warehouse MS-90 in Atyrau.

Designing of a warehouse for chemicals at the Zhanazhol field, Aktobe region.

Design of an caustic plant at the AlibekMola filed, Aktobe region. Installation of a gas-distributing station.

Repairing of flowline pipelines at the complex gas treatment unit -3 (UKPG-3), repair of process pipelines at UKPG-3, repair of ratio separator, package of a pumping station, well infrastructure development at the Karachaganak field, installation of a fire-fighting water pipeline, cleaning of process equipment and vessels.

Replacement of shutoff valves on technological lines as well as installation of foundations, supports and overpasses on technological lines, sandblasting and coating of tanks and pipes.

Other works

2002 – 2003
Provided engineering design of a waste disposal complex for the Karachaganak field. 2002 – to the present – provision of laundry and dry cleaning services for such companies as KPO B.V., Haliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, Expro, Condensate and etc.

Participated in certification procedure of a drilling rig manufactured by Pride Forasol

2003 – 2004
Performed cable work, more than 10 km. fiber-optic cable to provide a connection between the industrial are of Aksai and the Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field

Provided engineering design of the production base of AGS, JSC at the Karabatan station.

2003 – 2006
Provided inspection of main equipment at the UKPG -2, UKPG -3 of the Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field.

2003 – 2006
Provided repair of insulation of methanol pipeline and treated gas, Aksai – UKPG-3

2004 – 2005
Provided engineering design and turn-key construction of the main equipment washing facility.

2005 – 2006
Provided application of fire retardant paint on the existing building of the MRS, the technical pump and the gas metering unit.

Carried out the thermal insulation of storage tanks for inhibitors.

Provided manufacturing and assembly of metal structures for the pumping station in Rostoshi village for Condensate, JSC

Developed arrangement of service platforms, access roads in Bolshoi Chagan village, for KPO b.v. (export pipeline).

2005-2006 years
Provided engineering design and construction of a garage for specialty vehicles at UKPG-3 KOGKM.

2006 year
Performed cable work of a plastic water pipeline KPC -WMC Ǿ = 8 inch, 5 km long.

Made repair of the bottom of the upright tank T-806A at the low-tonnage facility 400 for Condensate company.

2005 year
To the present time – provides a range of works such as gas hazardous, welding, non-destructive testing during PPM at the UKPG-3

2006 year
To the present – performs service delivery for initiating inflow and pumping of the oilfield water from observation well and supply of the salting liquid from the facility No. 7 PC for the needs of foreign and local organizations

2007 year
Provided engineering design of major repair of the building of secondary school No. 3 located at Avangard microdistrict, Atyrau.

2007 year
Performed the replacement of the condensate line 377 mm and the pipeline repair, by the length of 540 meters, in situ the shell across the river Udoman

Provided the repair of Orenburg-Aksai export pipeline section on the river Udoman

2007- 2012
Performed the elimination work of 12 illegal tie-ins on the KAPS and KOTS pipelines

Since 2007
Provided the repair of gas pipeline, methanol pipeline and condensate pipeline No. 2

Since 2008
Performed issuing of the certificates for the process piping for all the facilities of the Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field.

2008 to the present
Provided engineering design of the steel structures for the KOGCF

Performed gas pipeline repair, 377 mm pipe, 17 km.

Performed methanol pipeline repair, 168 mm, 26 km.

Provided the prefabrication of pipe billets for the project of the 4th production line from carbon steel, Ǿ = 2″, over 60,000 inches

Provided the prefabrication of pipe billets for the project of the 4th production line from carbon steel, special alloys steel (corrosion resistant and colloid steel) 3120 inches.

Performed assembly and installation of main equipment and pipelines for the project of the 4th production line made of carbon steel, Ǿ = 2″ – 28″, by the length of more than 13 km.

2009 г.
Performed cable work of a plastic drinking water pipeline in Aksai Ǿ = 8″ by the length 4120 m.

Since 2009
Performed service delivery for the current maintenance of equipment for the buildings and canteens at the KOGCF.

Since 2009
Performed service delivery for general construction and electrical work.

Performed service delivery for coating of the 4th production line.

Performed service delivery of scaffolding and insulation services on the 4th production line.

Provided engineering design of a general-purpose incinerator for waste management complex of the KOGKM.

Preformed replacement of insulating joints in the water re-injection system at KPC and RP-4, RP-6 wells.

Provided upgrading of the monorail crane in the boiler house building at the KPC.

Performed installation of the 4th pump of the main line at the pumping station in Bolshoi Chagan.

Performed removal of construction waste from the KPC and Ecocenter site.

2010 – 2012
Performed construction of a general-purpose incinerator at the territory of the KOGKM of the waste management complex (WMC KNGKM).

2010 – 2012
Performed installation of DEG (diethylene glycol) heating system at WMC KNGKM

2010 – 2011
Performed installation of a horizontal flare ignition system at 9 wells of the KOGKM.

Performed the pipelines replacement at the pumping and heat exchange facility – 400 Condensate company.

Performed repair of 3 separators at KP-3 of the KOGKM.

Performed construction of a solid waste disposal year at Ecocenter.

Performed winter road maintenance at the KOGKF.

2011 – to the present
Provides chemicals supply and related services for the Kashagan field.

2011- to the present
Provision of services for the rental of specialized equipment at the KOGCF.

Design of a waste segregation facility at KUO KOGKF.

Modernization of pipelines DEG-402 (diethylene glucol) at GP-2.

Modernization of the rotary kiln at KUO KOGKM.

Performed modernization of disposal facility at KPC, KOGKM.

2012 – to the present
Performs operation and maintenance of the general purpose incinerator and waste segregation area.

2012 – to the present
Performs delivery of methanol to the port of Olya, Astrakhan in tank containers under a nitrogen blanket.

Provided reconstruction of a storage plant to store the methanol, VST-2000 at the Logistics Base of Aksaigazservice, JSC.

Performed supply of the methanol for TengizChevroil using special tanks.

2014 – to the present
Provided maintenance of Ecocenter facilities.

2014 – to the present
Performs operation and maintenance of thermo-mechanical cutting cleaning facility at Ecocentre.

2015 – to the present
Performs preventive maintenance services at the KOGCF.

The company has successfully completed work for the following customers in Kazakhstan: Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V .; Tengizchevroil LLP; North Caspian Operating Company; Ligabue Central Asia; Halliburton; Agip KCO; Baker Hughes, a GE company; Schlumberger; Weatherford; Hydratight Limited; Worley Parsons; Denholm Zholdas; SICIM S.p.A .; Zhaikmunai Nostrum Oil & Gas