Telecommunication services

Any decision of complex engineering communication service is focused on user, who needs complex communication, support in an up-to-date manner: continuous, reliable and qualitative broadband Internet, digital telephone exchange of a new generation, trunked radio based on Motorola, Kenwood, Icom devices.

The main subdivision goal is performing the full complex of work on installation and termination of fiber-optic communication line (FOCL), installation of SCS network and providing intercity, international of phony services (IIT).

The subdivision has the following equipment:

  • Portable, digital reaction rate analyzer REIS-105M designed for measurements on cable communication lines, fault detection and characterization (open circuit, short circuit).
  • Subscriber pair analyzer MS2+ – is designed to measure subscriber pairs for ADSL, ISDN (ADSL via POTS/ISDN ADSL, ADSL modem).
  • Optical time Domain reaction rate analyzer FL-OF-500-S – is a hand-held (Optical Time Domain Reaction rate analyzer, OTDR) that locates and characterizes reflective and loss
  • Agilent E 6000C mini-OTDR that locates and characterizes reflective and loss events.
  • сFujikura FSM -40S welding machine – designed for welding two glass optic fibers in automatic mode.
  • Fluke DSP-4000 Digital cable analyzer –designed for systems integrators and network owners, who need to certify copper and optical channels according to the current and future standards requirements
  • Set of tools for optic cable termination ST/SC.
  • FLUKE-175,177 EGFID MULNIMETR meters.
  • Cramping and striking tool.
  • Set of professional tools to work with optic fiber and twisted pair.
  • Sleeves for optic and copper cables based on ZM technology.
  • LINK-TESTER (RJ-45).
  • Test set PTS 100/200.
  • Modem G.SGDLS allows customer to organize last mile by stream E1.
  • Special purpose vehicle UAZ – 33094 based.

High personnel professionalism, continuous advanced trainings, good equipment capability, usage of the most advanced technologies and materials allow them to perform the rule rage of activities with high quality and optimal time. Methods and experience allow the department to provide one of the world large oil-gas condensate field “Karachaganak” with telephone communication.