Technological Transport Shop

Transport department (TD) has started its chronology from 1998 as Aksaigasservice, JSC motor road transport department. The main purpose of the department was transport service of Company subdivisions. Department car park included 20 units, mainly passenger car traffic.

As of today TD park has 240 units of specialized and cargo and passenger vehicles and is one of the largest transport companies in West Kazakhstan Region.

TD has modern base equipped with warm parking lots for 170 places, repair workshops, current repair and maintenance, filling station, heat tracing of automotive engineering in winter time for 97 places and warehouses for spare parts, tires and accumulators, POL.

TD repair base is equipped with modern lift platforms, checking tables, different types of lifting screw and tools.

At the present time 393 people are working in TD including engineering and technical personnel – 24 positions, 353 drivers, repairmen – 16 positions.

In order to improve qualification of TD personnel trainings are held on regular base in specially equipped Road Safety class.

With the purpose of encouraging and giving opportunity to employees for advanced training “Regulation on conferment of driver classes” has been developed and applied. “Operation without incidents” award is provided. A great attention is given to observance of Safety rules upon work execution and road safety.

All of this allows TD to provide “Aksaigasservice” JSC work activity services and external companies as well.

For instance, over 12 years TD provides the following services to KPO b.v.:

– Road maintenance at Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field in winter;

– Solid domestic and industrial wastes collection service ( KOGCF, Bolshoi Chagan, Kalmykovo, Terminal Atyrau);

– Service provision on lease of specialized automotive vehicles (cranes and heavy cargo vehicles, cargo-and-passengers vehicles of high off road performance).

Also TD provides services on automotive and specialized equipment for such companies as: “Flagman” LLC (Russia), “Multicatering” LLP, “Denholm Zholdas” LLP, JV “AGS Champion” LLP, Ligabue Central Asia” LLC and others.

TD equipment capability:

  • Autocrane with capacity 25,50,55,70,130 tons-11units;
  • acuum truck, KOKS Eco Vac, with capacity of 12m3 MAN wheeled – 1 unit ;
  • Garbage truck Scania P360CB6x4HHZ with body superstructure VDL ASK 18TK – 3units;
  • Autohydraulic hoist, height up to 28m -2 units;
  • Lift truck, various designs – 14 units
  • Excavator Hitachi , EK-18, Litronic Liebherr and etc. – 7 units;
  • Refrigerators, various designs – 6units;
  • Municipal road vehicle -3 units
  • Dumptruck KAMAZ -5 units;
  • Vacuum truck KAMAZ – 3 units;
  • Autograder – 2 units;
  • Dump truck – 7 units
  • Dump trailer – 4 units;
  • Multifunctional building service vehicles – 2 units
  • Automobile welding station – 4 units;
  • Auto – fuel servicing truck (MAZ/GAZ) – 2 units;
  • Car repair shop on wheel base URAL – 1unit;
  • Laboratory for well surveying – 1unit;
  • Tractor unit KAMAZ-54112A ( long vehicle) – 3units;
  • Truck tractor MTZ-82 with attached implements – 3units;
  • Bulldozer B10 M011 – 2 units;
  • Concrete truck mixer – 1 unit
  • Water carrier on ZIL 433362-6ОPА base – 1unit
  • Roller VM200 -1 unit
  • GAZ auto car of different variations – 23 units;
  • UAZ auto car of different variations – 26-units