Site of operation and maintenance of the Ecocenter

This site began development since 2012 and at the moment includes three division which a carrying out high-tech contracts at the Eco centre. General purpose incinerator and waste segregation facility maintenance and operation site.

In March, 2012 “Aksaigasservice” JSC has successfully completed work on construction site of “General purpose incinerator” in the territory of the West Management Complex of the Karachaganak oil-gas condensate field. The object is handed over the State commission and put into operation. It is necessary to point out that that the object was frozen in 2003 an early design stage and construction. “Aksaigasservice” JSC has performed the following types of work on the terms of the single source during the period from 2009 to 2012.


  • Building roof device.
  • Land improvement of the site.
  • Off-site utilities.
  • Fire and gas system.
  • Fire control system
  • Gas-supply system.
  • Power-supply system and EC & I.
  • Premise device of the operator, economic-drinking and fire-technical.
  • Water supply.
  • Change of purpose of premise for tanks storage.


  • Purchase of high-technology equipment.
  • Completion materials and spare parts.
  • Construction, installation of equipment and engineering networks.
  • Configuration of an automatic control system of GPI
  • Commissioning of all systems and equipment.

The general purpose incinerator represents difficult high-tech object which operation demands presence of the highly skilled personnel and the corresponding experience.

Today “Aksaigasservice” JSC successfully provides for KPO b.v. general purpose incinerator and waste segregation facility maintenance and operation services. Ecocentre Maintenance Site Personnel: MS Superintendant, PTW Coordinator, Spare parts Planning of Maintenance Specialist, Group Head of the mechanical equipment maintenance, Group Head of the EC & I maintenance, machine men, boiler rooms operators, electricians, electrical fitters, HVAC Engineers, EC & I Fitters, EC & I Engineers.

MS of Ecocentre provides the corresponding qualified, skilled and competent staff and the equipment, tools, instrumentations for check performance, test, survey, operation and maintenance of coppers, gas service, ring fire highways, fire hydrants and latches, drinking and technical water supply systems on KOGCF. Operation and maintenance site of thermo mechanical cutting cleaner at the Ecocentre.

This site was created in 2014 for contract performance on Operation and maintenance of thermo mechanical cutting cleaner, earlier the foreign company “Halliburton International, Ink” was the owner of this contract.

TCC is intended for performance of thermo mechanical cuttings cleaner obtained in the course of oil-well drilling. The site activity consists in provisioning trouble-free round-the-clock work of TCC, namely:

  • Transportation of oil-containing sludge from drilling sites,
  • Placement of oil-containing sludge in special checks at the Eco centre,
  • Preparation from sludge and oily liquid solution of required consistency,
  • Loading of solution in TCC monitoring provision at all stages of process of cuttings cleaner check of the cutting cleaner for the oil content,
  • Loading and transportation of the cuttings cleaner for permanent disposal.

The role of trouble-free operation of TCC in the course of well-drilling at the Karachaganak field will stop. All works of operation and maintenance of TCC are carried out by highly skilled local staff: superintendants, supervisors, TCC operators, operators of excavators and special vehicles. The site is provided with new modern special equipment: Liebherr excavators and waste disposal truck Scania. Depends on the correct work of this site not only process of drilling of new wells, but also provisioning environmental safety on KOGCF.