Supply base

The supply base is a large division of the Company.
It carries out work on reception, storage and placement of the goods arriving by rail or road, provides production sites with the necessary materials and equipment and conducts market research of goods, works and services.
The total warehouse area and storage site is 167,521 m2 including indoor heated warehouses – 5 529 m2, unheated – 9 178 m2, ground storage areas – 11 170 m2, equipped with the spider cranes in the amount of 4 units and lifting capacity from 10 to 50 tons ans closed unheated warehouse with track railway lines – 1 920 m2.
All the warehouses are equipped with beam cranes, stackers, electric vehicles and lift truck. The total length of track railway lines and dead ends is 11,400 meters that allows to deliver 91 wagons at the same time.

Methanol, chemical (nitrogen, acid) delivery, transportation and storage.

Technical equipment:

  • Methanol storage tanks 6000m3;
  • Hydrochloric acid storage tanks 625 m3;
  • Sulfuric acid storage tanks 180 m3;
  • Methanol pipeline 37 km (industrial zone – GP-3);
  • Sound cement Mechanized storage warehouse MS-900;
  • Inhibitors and white spirit storage tanks;
  • Production equipment: 27 797 m2;
  • Adjacent area: 167 521 m2

Caustic solution production, storage and sale.

Technical equipment:

  • Railway line dead-end 125 m;
  • Railway and automobile loading rack;
  • Chemical laboratory;
  • half stuff products storage warehouse 313.5 m2;
  • Hot chemicals warehouse 1,137.9 m2;
  • Cold chemicals warehouse 594.1 m2;
  • Production facilities the total area of 1.1563 ha.