Design and estimate departament

One of the most important and prospective “Aksaigasservice” JSC activities is development of design and estimate documentation, required for new construction or reconstruction of buildings, structures or its complexes for oil & gas fields. Development of engineering designs for field facilities construction, well construction and special well systems. Design objects are also civilian and industrial facilities, specially designated facilities (to transfer and distribute electrical and heat energy), main and support industrial buildings and structures of different sectors of industry, including fire and explosion dangerous facilities to store oil products and fuel and lubricants.

Main stages of design work for our company pear each facility, are as follow:

  • Participation in development of design brief;
  • Surveying investigation and others;
  • Development, agreement and presentation of design brief;
  • Development of production drawings and estimates (on the basis of design brief and according to the Republic of Kazakhstan standards requirements) using additional investigations data, plan specification, comments of approving and coordinating authority;
  • Construction supervision.

“Aksaigasservice” JSC profile and business lines: Buildings and construction architectural design:

Buildings and construction architectural design:

  • Facilities master plan, landscaping and site improvement projects.
  • Industrial purpose facilities.
  • Public facilities.

Construction design:

  • Bases and foundations;
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete structures;
  • Masonry and reinforced masonry structures;
  • Steel and aluminum structures;
  • Timber constructions;
  • Major repairs buildings and construction reconstruction, structure enforcement.

Utilities and system design:

  • Heating, ventilation, conditioning;
  • Water supply and sewerage;
  • Heating supply;
  • Low pressure gas supply;
  • Power supply input up to 35 kV;
  • Electricity lighting up to 35 kV;

Development of special disciplines:

  • Corrosion protection;
  • Estimate documentation;
  • Plan of construction organization (POO) and work execution plans (WEP).

Processing design:

  • Public facilities.
  • Industrial purpose facilities;
  • Transport construction facilities;

Estimate documentation is developed using specialized soft-wares Auto CAD and ABC, advanced technologies and equipment by Hilti, Leica, and latest advances in architectural and town-planning activity, and scientific and technological arguments with the support of specialized institutes. The department is equipped with 38 modern computers, engineering system <>, large-format laser printers and a variety of copying equipment. “Aksaigasservice” JSC develops equipment operation passports for pipelines on Unit-2, Unit-3, KPC, Bolshoi Chagan, KATS for KPO b.v. needs in normal operating conditions in accordance with technological regulation and industrial equipment safe operation rules of RoK. The individual method is used for development and execution of passports for each type equipment, including the following:

  • Pipeline technical analysis;
  • Technical documentation analysis;
  • Pipelines visual and instrumental examination;
  • Preparation of executive documentation.

The passports are issued if the pipelines meet the safe operation rules requirements.