Affiliate Companies

AGS Chempion, LLP

The founders of AGS Champion, LLP are

  • Aksaygazservice, JSC is a legal entity established in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, holds 51 % interest;
  • Champion Technologies Limited is a legal entity incorporated under the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, holds 49% interest.

Currently, the following construction and installation work is underway to equip the territories at storage and supply facilities:

  • Construction and installation work includes the preparation of a ground area as well as the construction of storage facilities for the chemical products, near the Karabatan station, Atyrau region, the total area of the base is 5 ha;
  • Office and amenity building, the dimensions of the building are 10 by 12 m with the height of 3 m;
  • Warehouse building, the dimensions of the building are 18 by 30 m with the height of 8 m, it’s a quickly erectable prefab building with special dividing parts made of sandwich panels;
  • Modular boiler;
  • Check point containerized building, the dimensions are 12 by 2,4 m;
  • Building of a fire extinguishing pumping station the dimensions are 6 by 2.4 m;
  • Emergency water storage tank, V = 100 m³;
  • Heating station (supplying heat for chemical inventory ISO tanks);
  • Ground hard standing, the size is 50 by 24 m with a concrete bund for placing the ISO tank and vessels;
  • Ground crushed site, the size is 20 by 20m for temporary storage of the packaging materials.

The main types and areas of the activity of AGS Chempion, LLP are

  • Implementation of specialty and general chemicals and related services for the oil and gas extraction, transportation and processing sectors;
  • Delivery of personnel services to support production operations on the site;
  • Oil and gas sampling services at the Bolashak plant.

Main consumers of these types of goods and services are oil and gas fields. Since November 1, 2012, AGS Champion has been providing services to NCOC under the contract UI19283 on supplying of industrial chemicals and related services, valid until 30 October 2019.

AGS – Sol’ dobycha, LLP

The founder of AGS Sol’ dobycha is Aksaygazservice, JSC holds 100% interests. Work on this type of activity is carried out on the preparation, storage and supply of sodium chloride (caustic) solution for the Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field.

AGS – Temir Zholy, LLP

The founder of AGS Temirzholy is Aksaygazservice, holds 100% interests. The main type of service is the provision of railway sidings facilities and single-ended sidings for the movement of trailing stocks and tanks. The total length of railway sidings facilities and single-ended sidings is 7,567 meters that allows the delivery simultaneously of 120 trailing stocks.

ТОО «АГС – Каспий»

Учредителем ТОО «АГС Каспий» является АО «Аксайгазсервис» с 100% долевым участием. Основным видом деятельности на данный момент является предоставление в аренду автотранспортных услуг для СП ТОО «АГС Чемпион».